What follows is an overview of how we propose to cover the costs of retreats and community in the house. At the bottom of the page you can read more about the Mission and Vision, some Rules of Engagement and other Principles and Values, which Serena has written on her blog

To cover the costs of heating, electricity, internet, municipal taxes on the house, etc., we ask for a donation based on the number of people that are in the house. Therefore if there are only two people in the house it will be a donation of €10 per person per day. If there are three people it will be €8 per person/day, and so on. This is only to cover the everyday running of the house (and heating which can be a bit pricey), so it does not include food.

Also, to keep the house running smoothly and to make sure we all have time to work on our personal projects while also improving the quality of life at PostaHouse, we ask that everyone contribute at least 2 hours a day, 5 times a week. These two hours will be spent preparing meals, cleaning, etc. This comes to a total of 10 hours a week. We would also like that guests / participants contribute at least 6 hours a week toward community projects (i.e.: construction, building, repair, research, IT work). This comes to a total of 16 hours weekly between chores and community projects. That leaves everyone ample time to work on their own projects and also to enjoy the countryside, walks, etc.

More about PostaHouse‘s Mission, Values, Seasons, the Facility, the Locale, some Rules of Engagement and Advance Payments on Serena’s blog here
This is from February 2012.

It’s an updated and revised version of what Serena and Jeffrey wrote in 2011:

The destiny of Posta House is manifesting at this momentous time in human and planetary history. As a Love Art Exchange Lab, the facility will host the first ecosexual intentional community in central Italy. It will inspire diverse people to come together in peace, joy, and sacred unity to experiment with collective, interrelated ways of living.   Read more……