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We will shortly be posting some information about this summer’s workshops and retreats (2012) – see our Courses and Retreats page
Here is a link to our Retreat in July. More specific details will be posted soon.

If you would like to spend an informal week or two working/playing “on site” here with plants, gardens, community, short spiritual gatherings and anything you yourself bring from the store of your own gifts, then please contact us at  the email-address below and John will get back to you. The Retreat posted above is  a formal organized retreat with prepared food, using our workshop room; please use it as a source of ideas as to how one also can spend a week or two with us informally in community when there are no workshops or other courses going on.

An informal personal individual retreat is basically according to the Costs page with the intention that you will be part of our daily living, working, playing and praying team for as long as you are here. Therapies,  shamanic consultations, acupressure, Source Breathing and counselling can be added as needed. More details can be found on John Overton’s Christal Temple website. We ask that you make your minimum stay here a week so that we may have time to be in community with one another. It is also deeply beneficial that the processes which are opened in you (and us) while you are here may have time to mature and bring you (and us) wisdom; leaving too soon may break the flow!

Posta is an ideal place for an informal personal retreat in springtime, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel the call to springtime Mediterranean mountain refreshment!

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