“Sustainable Love” – Retreat July 2012



“A World where it is safe to love
is a World where it is safe to live…”
Serena Anderlini

Preliminary Program
for the Ecosexual Retreat Sat 14th – Sat 21st July 2012

Sat 14th July

10.00am       Registration    Morning Arrivals*    Mingle

12.30pm       Lunch    with orientation
followed by siesta
4.30pm         Plenary
Setting up Community Framework/Agreements
7.30pm         Dinner
followed by Shamanic Forgiveness and Releasing Ceremony

Sun 15th July – Thurs 19th July

6.30pm        Yoga/prayer/meditation#
7.30am        Breakfast
8.30am        Morning GardenHouse
time in the garden or house being part of “what is done daily”
10.00am      Morning Plenary
Community Member presents/Community workshop
12.30pm      Midday Prayer
followed by Lunch (individual) and Siesta
4.30pm        Afternoon Plenary
Community Member presents/Community workshop
7.30pm        Dinner (in community)
followed by  Community Activity

On at least one of the days we hope to visit a local artisan or do some
other outside activity in the local mountain-area.

Fri 20th July

6.30pm        Yoga/prayer/meditation#
7.30am        Breakfast
8.30am        Morning GardenHouse
10.00am      Morning Plenary
Community Member presents/Community workshop
12.30pm      Midday Prayer
followed by Lunch (individual) and Siesta
Afternoon in preparation for Evening Celebration/Community Feast

8.00pm       Celebration/Feast

Sat 21st July

6.30pm       Yoga/prayer/meditation#
7.30am       Breakfast
Morning clearing/individual packing
10.30am     Final Plenary
Reflections and Intentions/Feedback
12.30pm     Midday Prayer
followed by Communal Lunch

Afternoon departures*

# The daily Yoga/prayer/meditation session is intended to be led by
Community Members.
* Retreat Participants are welcome to arrive on the evening of Friday 13th and/or stay over until Sunday 22nd for an agreed small extra fee.

A primary intention of this Retreat is to lay an energetic foundation-stone for the PostaHouse Community. The Retreat participants will live, work and play community for 8 days.

This retreat gives us all a chance to explore our own and one another’s gifts. Those who come together here will find what it is that joins us in fellowship, and where we have the work to do. Participation in the Retreat does not bring with it any obligation at all to “join anything.”

However it is our desire at PostaHouse that this exploration will lead to some people making an intention to spend part of their year here. This period may be as little as a week or as much as many months. Our PostaHouse Community will be these active members, the land on which we live and our relationship to one another. It will also be our supporters from further away.

This is not a “passive retreat”; we will be forming it and clothing it together. Most of us have only met before via Facebook or on Conference calls – this is our opportunity in “Earth-time & space” now, together, to make real community in ways which enrich each other in respect and love.

Accommodation and Food
Accommodation for this summer retreat will be in shared rooms and/or in tents in the garden. There are showers and toilet facilities in the house. A prepared Daily Dinner is included as are the Lunches on the first and last Saturday; other lunches during the week are the participants’ own responsibility. Breakfast foods will be available for self-catering every morning.

The cost for the retreat per person is as follows
€385  – registration before 1st May 2012
€425  – registration after 1st May 2012

We require a deposit of €100 at the time of booking.
The remainder is payable within 4 weeks, or before 1st July,
whichever is the sooner.
These costs include food and accommodation as outlined above;
travel is at participants’ own expense.

We look forward to meeting you in July in Italy.

Serena Anderlini                                                               John Overton

Email:            postahouseitalia@gmail.com
Telephone:    (coming soon)
Address:        Via Roma 96, 02019 Posta RI, Italy