The small town of Posta is in the North-East corner of the Italian region of Lazio (which is also the “Roman Region” – Latium is the old Latin name – doesn’t really get much more Latin/Roman than that!) This north-east corner of Lazio is wedged in between Umbria to the north (where Assisi is) and Abruzzo to the south. Posta is in the Province of Rieti, 700m up in the Apennine mountains, ca.2 hours from Rome (between 125 and 155km, depending on which route you take.)

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And this is what it looks like closer up (also from Google maps)
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Here is a description of PostaHouse itself and the town:

Serena Anderlini writes:

Located in the Alto Lazio region about two hours north-east of Rome, Posta is rich in fine mountain air, genuine traditions, tasty foods, and beautiful woods and forests. At 700 meters altitude, it stays nice and cool all year round.

Posta is located on the new Salaria highway, SS # 4, which branches out of Rome’s turnpike, or GRA. Posta is about 40 minutes from the local city of Rieti and the Terminillo sky resort.

Posta House is a recently remodeled townhouse residence with private garden and veranda. It features two autonomous heating furnaces, full kitchen with gas stove, large fridge and dishwasher, two large bedrooms, a large dining room/activity room, one and a half bath, a den, a sunny veranda, and a large garden accessed by a spiral staircase. Its three-century old stone walls are a warm buffer from the Apennnine winter, and a perfectly cool shelter from any summer heat.

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