Halloween in Posta

Unfortunately Halloween has even arrived here and just like we used to do in our small town in the States, the local children get a big kick out of playing “Ding-Dong-Ditch” or “Ring and Run” depending on the area you grew up in. I am sure there are equivalents in every language.

It started earlier than I expected, which is why I fell for it the first three times (okay, it was 5 in the afternoon). As it got dark out I could here them coming down the street (the only street in Posta) and they were all shushing each other. Then the doorbell rang and everyone scattered, expecting me to lose my temper and chase them away with a burning stick perhaps, but I just sat here finishing an article that was due a week ago.

By about ten o’clock at night and after about the 20th ring and run I began looking for a stick to light in the fireplace. Thankfully they stopped and probably had to go to bed. They were laughing so much as they ran away, I remember when we used to get such a rush from such innocent pleasures…

As soon as we get our pet goat, we will train it to defend us from such intruders!


 Or perhaps not…

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