Today Serena and I had a chat about the budget. I have been keeping track of about how much it costs to run this place and, of course, the more people we have the less it will cost per person. This is what it comes down to:

To cover the costs of heating, electricity, internet, municipal taxes on the house, etc., we ask for a donation based on the number of people that are in the house. Therefore if there are only two people in the house it will be a donation of €10 per person per day. If there are three people it will be €8 per person per day, and so on. This is only to cover the everyday running of the house (and heating which can be a bit pricey), so it does not include food.

Also, to keep the house running smoothly and to make sure we all have time to work on our personal projects while also improving the quality of life at PostaHouse, we ask that everyone contribute at least two hours a day five times a week. These two hours will be spent preparing meals, cleaning, etc. This comes to a total of 10 hours. We would also like that guests/participants contribute at least six hours a week toward community projects (i.e.: construction, building, repair, research, IT work). This comes to a total of 16 hours weekly between chores and community projects. That leaves everyone ample time to work on their own projects and also to enjoy the countryside, walks, etc.

Serena Anderlini writes:

The destiny of Posta House is manifesting at this momentous time in human and planetary history. As a Love Art Exchange Lab, the facility will host the first ecosexual intentional community in central Italy. It will inspire diverse people to come together in peace, joy, and sacred unity to experiment with collective, interrelated ways of living.

We are transforming this ancestral home into a space equipped for collective living and a love art laboratory with multiple activity rooms for workshops in the arts of creative expression, loving, and living consciously and in harmony with nature, the past, the future, and our own nature as a highly creative, imaginative, sensuous, and gregarious species.

We are creating an ecosexual art colony for creative people willing to offer inventiveness, creativity, and good stewardship. The structure will function as a contact zone where people of diverse backgrounds, languages, origins, colors, orientations, genders, age groups, and cultures will meet in mutual respect and good listening.

We will activate the facility on multiple levels: fix small glitches from recent usage, configure areas for collective use, equip an art lab and a workshop room, install a flat-screen visual and sound system, and put garden space to use for production of healthy food.

We are looking for talented people to join the team! Are you a good repair person, gardener, administrator, driver, decorator, carpenter, plumber, performance artist, Italian speaker, cook, spiritual leader, yoga teacher, systems engineer, maintenance person, artisan, wood carver, tree lover, website builder? Let us know. We can use all of these skills and more! We will make a plan with you with a timeline and specific commitments.

We offer hospitality and a place to live in a charming, fully-equipped home in a restored 18th century building that interfaces with the town on the one hand and the land, garden, valley, river on the other. The facility is equipped with pellet furnaces for heating, fireplace, a fully equipped modern kitchen and dining room, several beds over several multiple use rooms, a full and a half bath, a large library, charming decorations and art work, a fully functioning high-speed internet system with wi-fi in every room, water, electricity and all other utilities. The drinking water from nearby mountains is delicious.

We expect maximum respect for all project participants, property, building, and equipment. Flexibility. Inventiveness. Collaborative skills. Willingness to honor your commitments. Payment of a deposit for 300 Euros to be returned at end of stay minus eventual unpaid bills. Payment of utility bills and pellet fuels, plus personal necessities and food. Work toward established goals in collaboration with team. Willingness to be coachable and stay on course in the face of difficulties.

We expect to launch the Love Art Exchange Lab in the summer of 2012 with a diverse calendar of events. Participation in the project team equals priority in choice related to the use of the facility.

What’s your dream? Let us know and maybe we can make it happen together!

You can also request a hang-out session on Google+ or Skype with Jeffrey and the owner, Serena Anderlini. Both will also answer questions as they post on the PostaHouse wall. Our local networks in Italy may offer support too, please ask if interested.

Donations to the project are welcome at 3WayKiss.



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