Sagra della Castagna

Today in one of the neighboring villages (Micigliano) they had what is called a sagra. A sagra is small fair that usually celebrates a natural bounty, in this case the chestnut.

The town of Micigliano.

In the main square of the town they have communal tables set up for eating. then they have a ticket desk where you pay for what you want. Then you get in line. You wait in line for your turn to get some food.

A typical scene at a sagra.

A sagra is a chance to get some of the best local food produced by the townspeople (collectively) for the enjoyment of everyone. Usually you need a car to get to a sagra, or in my case a bike, because they are held in small town that are off the beaten path.

Walking Around Lazio

The town of Borbona as seen from the old town, which is high above the new one.

Today was a very enjoyable day. Giulio came up from Rome to help out for a few days and we now have a stockpile of firewood, a second bicycle and numerous other things got done (not to mention a lot of planning and new ideas).

This afternoon we went for a walk in some of the neighboring towns. We visited the butcher in Borbona, went up to the old town of Borbona and took the long way home via Vallemare, which is a beautiful town as well.

There are many paths for walking between these villages where no cars can go. The paths take you across the tops of hills and along the side of the mountain. It takes fifteen minutes to drive from Vallemare to Borbona on a winding road while the footpath takes a little over an hour (and it’s straight).

Driving between these towns you see a lot of sheep and farmland, but mostly forest. After visiting Borbona we did some cleaning and then started a fire and grilled zucchini, aubergines and peppers over the hot coals. With our abundance of apples we made apple sauce that Giulio tried on his pork chop.

Now that we have got a bit caught up on yard work, maybe tomorrow we can go and harvest chestnuts.