PostaHouse: Report on Transition, Invitation to Ecosexual Partnership


Friday, January 13, 2012

PostaHouse: Report on Transition, Invitation to Ecosexual Partnership

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio writes:

Dear Earthlings:

Yours truly is very excited about PostaHouse.  It’s a holistic community and ecosexual temple for the arts of loving inclusively.  It’s in the Apennine mountains of central Italy.  And it’s a place she loves.  Yours truly wants to tell you all about it and invite your contribution to the transformation underway.  Love, the ecology of life, is what’s coming in.  You can be a partner in this.

PostaHouse was born in the fall when Jeffrey Andreoni, of New York, Italy, and Greece, arrived at the place and began the transformation underway.  It is now in transition from being an ancestral family home to becoming a holistic center with a core community of residents, and with a summer season open for courses, workshops, events, retreats.  The vision is aligning the world for the ecosexual future of our most compersive lover: third planet Gaia, the earth.  Education in the arts of loving is where this alignment begins.

As we move toward the time when our first season begins, John Overton, of Nova Scotia, England, and Sweden, will take residence on the site.  John will offer stewardship to the property as needed and prepare the space as a school of love.  He will welcome contributions from others interested and will guide their action toward the vision.  The temple will be formed as a laboratory where education in the arts of love can begin.  Yours truly will continue to make the space available to those devoted to its becoming what it is destined to be.  She will support the process of transformation physically and energetically.  She will spread the word to healers, practitioners, facilitators, leaders ready to fill up the schedule of the summer season.  She will publicize events and take registrations in.  She will make her networks available as vehicles for this inspired work to begin.

Education is the heart of democracy.  The true, horizontal collaboration we need.  Education to love is where the new democracy that includes planet earth as a partner begins.  When our talents as artists of love develop we become resources capable of generating all the love we need.

At PostaHouse we offer participation in the process of creating the ecosexual temple we need.  This opportunity is open from March to September, 2012.  You, dear Earthlings, are invited to be part of this.  Please let John* know what you have to offer and together we will design an agreement with you.

( *John can be reached at )

We also offer a temple-to-be where to teach these transformational tools, processes, and techniques that empower us as sources of love.  This opportunity is open from June to September included.  You, dear Earthling, are also invited to be part of this.  If you are a healer, facilitator, teacher, leader, bring your course, workshop, event, retreat to us, and we will find the most convenient time to put it on the schedule for the summer season.  We will make ad-hoc agreements with facilitators and teachers.  We will also publicize all events on calendar through our networks and take registrations in.

We at PostaHouse look forward to an ecosexual partnership with you.  We want this holistic community to steward the little piece of earth it has been given.  And we want this school of love to be the sacred, ecosexual temple it is meant to be.  To make this happen, dear Earthlings, we need you!
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You bring your unique talents!

We support you in practicing, teaching, discovering the arts of inclusive love!
Education is the heart of democracy.  And that includes education to love.   It comes in many forms.  Including being partners in the transition of PostaHouse to temple of ecosexual love.

Come back!  And stay tuned for more wonders.

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD

Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire

Author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love and many other books
Professor of Humanities

University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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Market Day

Wednesday is market day when all the vendors come to the main piazza to sell their goods. The best time to stock up on veggies is therefore Wednesday. There are also people selling housewares, clothing and shoes. 

Aida, who needed help carrying her groceries home, filled me in on all the gossip that concerned me as we walked to her house. Aida, it turns out, was Serena’s uncle’s girlfriend back in the day.

Speaking of gossip, Emma at the little shop in Bacugno, said there is a lack of it since the arrotini have disappeared. An arrotino is a person that travels from village to village on a bicycle that is fitted with a grindstone. As he arrives in the village he announces that all the women should grab their knives and their scissors because the arrotino will sharpen them on the spot, and if you have a small gas leak in the kitchen or if your kitchen ventilation is blocked, the arrotino will fix that too. Needless to say there are countless stories about the arrotini quite similar in nature to the milkman in English speaking countries. 

Emma also spoke of how the arrotino is essential to the community because they encounter many people in any given day and they are really representative of the community and also have all the gossip!

I think that PostaHouse should be equipped with an arrotino bicycle and I will now take “mountain bike” off the wish-list and replace it with “grinder’s bike”.

As I exited Emma’s shop I was accosted by locals who were informing me of new tricks for roasting chestnuts and recipes to get rid of all these apples in the kitchen.

Road to Bacugno

On second thought, maybe we could get an arrotino/mountain bike hybrid. Otherwise how would one get from village to village on these roads?