Late Winter becoming Spring in Posta

Hello Posta, Hello World!

This is a “message” from John Overton, sitting in front of the pellet stove in the “den” at Via Roma 96 – the “High Street” of this ancient town.

You can see the kitchen door a little ajar to the left.

If you’ve been on the Facebook page
you’ll have seen that there is garden work being done.

When Serena was here 9 days ago we moved some of the furniture back to where it had started out(!) We spent quite some time getting all the heating to work – important at the end of winter and beginning of spring – and we took a day finding out what small repairs needed to be done. We also talked about how to make the house “easier” and more comfortable for people living here. Serena had time to work on the “conference/session”-room so that it looked more like the “Love Laboratory” that she had envisaged. So far these are only smaller changes, but they are important for the running of the house.

My own wish is that I can persuade a few people to come here in the next two months and help me with some of the slightly “heavier” tasks to be done. Some cleaning, some moving, some climbing to a height and maybe the odd wall-repair job etc. I’ll keep people posted on how we’re doing, here.

Spring is here during the day, but it’s winter at night.
Hoping for a warmer change soon!

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Happy times from Posta, Lazio, Italia!


PS The telephone number is now up. See the contact page.

Early Spring in Posta this year?

A stream with ducks playing in half-frozen water coming down from the hills….
could almost be anywhere! Winter turning into Spring and new life!

It’s soon time for PostaHouse‘s own spring. John Overton will be taking up residence at the end of this month (February 2012) and will be preparing the ground for the summer’s activities.

Here is Serena Anderlini‘s Invitation

Dear Earthlings:

Yours truly is very excited about PostaHouse.  It’s a holistic community and ecosexual temple for the arts of loving inclusively.  It’s in the Apennine mountains of central Italy.  And it’s a place she loves.  Yours truly wants to tell you all about it and invite your contribution to the transformation underway.  Love, the ecology of life, is what’s coming in.  You can be a partner in this.
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